#ShamelessPlug Phenomenon developed by Deborah Anderson in 2012

Hey, I don’t like to brag but on the other hand, I do believe that credit should be given where credit is due. Yes, even if that is in my direction. So, here is my bragging, or shall we say, #ShamelessPlug … 🙂

People know but I haven’t made a big enough deal about this little known fact… Yes, I invented the #ShamelessPlug …

I started it while helping Madalyn Sklar host #ggchat and thought it would be a great way for us musicians to share what we were doing. So many of us wanted to let our fellow musicians, and friends, and family of musicians know what we were doing. It is the creative world. The world of music! The reality is that we also wanted to hear what others were doing (literally and figuratively). By knowing what was going on with our pals, we were better able to support them and to follow their careers… not to mention enjoying their music!

So, I came up with the #ShamelessPlug so that we didn’t all have to feel awkward about sharing and could just… you guessed it… share! It caught on like wildfire, especially with the support of my friend and cohort, Madalyn (now the wildly successful host of #TwitterSmarter). Thanks, Mad!

So, when you attend your next Twitter Chat and they start using the #ShamelessPlug … well, now you know 😉

Oh wow… are you ready for this?

Ok, I’ll keep it brief. After all, I know you are as busy as me, if not busier, eh?

But, something has drawn you to check out this site and see what we are all about, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Where It All Started – #ggchat

My first exposure to Twitter Chats was that of #ggchat headed up by Madalyn Sklar. She demonstrated how fun it could be to get together as a bunch of female (and male!) musicians and just free-for-all chat.

While #ggchat has recently been shut down permanently, as a part of the closing (retiring) of GoGirlsMusic (the parent organization), it will still be remembered fondly.

I took part as a fill-in #ggchat host and was offered the position of taking it over, but it did not fit into my schedule enough to be a permanent gig. Yes, that happens with Twitter Chats.

Fortunately, though, for some Twitter Chats, there are archives of the chats so you can respond to Tweeps even after the Twitter Chat. Where else can you attend an event and still feel like you were involved even after the event? Yes, that is a Twitter Chat.

I walked away from the experience ready to start a Twitter Chat of my own and appreciating all that went into creating a successful Twitter Chat.

I contributed archiving services, promotional services, videos of the Twitter Chat, and started to formulate my own methodology for Twitter Chat management. I also learned about the reminder method that Madalyn used for Twitter Chat promotion. I adopted the same when I started #SocialCafe (but more on that in a bit).

The Next Steps – #MyBlogGuest

Deb Anderson and Ann Smarty

Soon after, or around the same time, I met Ann Smarty. She was promoting her MyBlogGuest project and I was participating in the community aspects. Even before I got to know Ann (or even meet her and become dear friends) I was impressed by how much her business endeavor could benefit from a weekly Twitter Chat.

I used what I had learned from #ggchat and applied it to an informal proposal sent to Ann via her MyBlogGuest interface messaging system.

That is where it all began…

It was half suggestion, like, “Hey, you should do this!” and half “Hey, if you need help, I could be hired at a modest price.” She took me up at the latter, hiring me to become the MyBlogGuest Social Media Manager. From there, I was responsible for all things Twitter Chat, as well as other duties that would be included in the role of Social Media Manager for MyBlogGuest.

MyBlogGuest Team

Arriving at Today – #SocialCafe

After running (and suggesting and promoting) Twitter Chats for clients and other brands, it seemed logical to start our own chat, #SocialCafe in 2012. Fortunately, it has been running steadily, every week, since then. We have covered several different topics related to social media marketing. We have also had guests (in fact, we were one of the first to do that! Innovators in the arena of guests on twitter chats, back in 2012). We started the process of having simultaneous hangouts, beginning in 2013. It was so popular that even Madalyn began doing the same with her #TwitterSmarter chat in 2015. Again, we pioneered a movement.

The only problem is that we didn’t toot our horns enough. We taught other brands how to do it. We finessed the system and developed methods and strategies. We taught these to our clients and competitors. We even hosted a chat for McMillan Publishing! And, we were honored with their highest praise (thanks, McMillan).

So, what was next? It seems that we should present this to you, our public, and help you to learn how to optimize your Twitter Chats and beyond, eh?

And the rest, as they say, is history 🙂 . So, let’s journey the rest together, eh?